Find a full array of student services available at Northern Tier Center

Meeting the Needs of Mott Students

The Northern Tier Center is a full service extension site that offers the following services:

Admission to College

You can apply for admissions to Mott Community College by visiting the Northern Tier Center or online. Be sure to answer all the questions. The Northern Tier Center Office or the Admissions Office on main campus. Questions? Call (810) 232-8044.


Mott Community College students may pay their tuition and fees via check, money order or credit card. (No cash is accepted.) Office hours are Monday 8:00 - 6:00pm, Tuesday-Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm and Friday 8:00 - 4:30pm.

Computer Lab

Hours of operation vary depending upon course offerings and staffing. Special arrangements may be made by contacting the main office. All students are required to provide ID.

Placement Assessment

Placement Assessment is available at NTC. The testing takes approximately 1-1/2 hours. For more information visit Placement Assessment Information or call (810) 232-8044.

Planning Sessions

Once your admissions application has been processed and you have completed your enrollment steps; (i.e. intake form, the career coach questionnaire, and then placement testing), to get scheduled for your planning session (orientation), contact the staff at the Northern Tier Center (810) 232-8044 for assistance.

Registration for Classes

MCC students may register at the NTC site for any of the classes offered by MCC during regular office hours. Students may also register for classes online by using the Backpack.

NTC can provide basic assistance and information regarding financial aid at MCC. Although we are not the Financial Aid office, we work as a liaison with the MCC Financial Aid office and students. For assistance in completing the financial aid process we can provide basic information and guidance. Students requiring detailed assistance should visit the main campus financial aid office, visit the MCC website, or stop by the NTC on designated Financial Advising Days.


Tutoring is available by request. MCC students may visit NTC during regular business hours and submit a request for a tutor. This service is available on an as needed basis. For more information call (810) 232-8044 or go to tutoring for more information or to submit an online request.