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Placement Test Descriptions & Samples

Reading Comprehension

This test is designed to measure how well you understand what you read. It contains 20 questions. Some ask you to decide how two sentences are related. Other questions ask you about reading passages of various lengths. You will be asked to interpret and draw conclusions from what you have read.


Sentence Skills

Two kinds of questions are given in this test. In one type of question you will be asked to correct a sentence by choosing a word or phrase to substitute for an underlined portion of a sentence. In the other type of question, you will be asked to rewrite a sentence in a specific way without changing the meaning. You will be presented a total of 20 questions. In addition, you MAY be asked to complete a written essay.



The Arithmetic test measures your skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percents. Geometry, rate, percent, and measurement problems are also included. A total of 17 questions are asked.


Elementary Algebra

This test contains 12 items, and includes (a) operations with integers and rational numbers, (b) operations with algebraic expressions, and (c) equation solving, inequalities, and word problems. A total of 12 questions are presented.


College-Level Mathematics

There are six content areas measured on this test: (a) Algebraic Operations, (b) Solutions of Equations and Inequalities, (c) Coordinate Geometry, (d) Applications and other Algebra Topics, (e) Functions, and (f) Trigonometry. A total of 20 questions are presented.

June 28, 2017
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