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Professional Development & Experiential Learning

Mission Statement:

The Office of Professional Development & Experiential Learning, through its Center for Teaching and Learning, is dedicated to creating a culture of continuous learning and growth for all faculty, staff and administrators at Mott Community College.

Value Statements:

  • Provide a centralized venue through which faculty, staff and administrators may collaborate and discover professional development opportunities
  • Develop and share best practices in teaching, learning, and technology to support the pursuit of instructional and professional excellence
  • Promote lifelong learning to encourage both professional and personal growth
  • Provide the professional development opportunities, training and resources necessary to enhance learning in a diverse environment
  • Promote collegiality through mentoring and sharing expertise among the faculty, staff and administrators across the college

Meet the Staff:

Debra Gibes

Debra Gibes

Faculty Director of Experiential Learning

Debra earned her BS in Education with a Major in English and an MAT in Teaching with Major in Reading, both from Oakland University. With 30 years in the field of education, Debra Gibes has an extensive background in experiential learning. Through her position as a supervisor for an alternative high school, she launched a service learning program for at-risk students. At Mott, Debra has initiated experiential learning as a regular component of her courses each semester. She embraces positive short and long-term impacts of experiential learning for student success and is dedicated to working with Mott staff and faculty to expand and promote Experiential Learning opportunities on campus. To contact Debra, email or call 410-1050.

Jennifer Fillion

Jennifer Fillion

CTL Tech Consultant, Faculty-Anthropology

Jennifer Fillion, Professor of Anthropology, began teaching at Mott in 2001 part-time before becoming full-time in 2006. Prior to coming to Mott full-time she taught at Central Michigan University and Michigan State. She received her B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and her M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Alabama. Aside from teaching courses in anthropology and forensic science, Jennifer spends her time investigating educational technology. Her current interests include Open Educational Resources (OERs), adaptive learning platforms, and the use of mobile and AR/VR technologies in education To contact him, email

Michael Fisackerly

Michael Fisackerly

CTL Tech Consultant, Faculty-Technology

Michael Fisackerly started teaching Mathematics part-time at Mott in 2013 before moving to the Technology division full-time teaching Information Technology in 2018. Before moving to teaching full time, Michael spent 20 years in the IT field filling a number of roles including end user support, systems/database administration, and web development. He received his B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Kettering University, his M.S. in Industrial Applied Mathematics from Oakland University, and his M.S. in Computer Science and Information Systems from the University of Michigan-Flint. In addition to his teaching interests in programming and web development, he is very interested i n small, accessible computer devices such as Raspberry Pi, A! rduino, and micro:bit for use in education and sparking interest in technology in general. To contact him, email

May 19, 2020
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