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CTL Professional Development Submission Form

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is looking for faculty and staff interested in presenting a session/workshop for their colleagues.

Teaching and Learning Workshops
The science and art of education is always evolving. By sharing successes, best practices, expertise and experiences with your colleagues, you help keep MCC ranked in the top 10% of community colleges in the United States.

Technology Workshops
Help your colleagues get the most out of the many technology applications used in and out of the classroom by providing “hands-on” training session. DATATEL, WIDS, BlackBoard and Excel are examples of frequently used MCC applications that have been training topics.

Wellness Workshops
It can be hard to find time to eat right, unwind and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By sharing your tips and techniques to increasing wellness with your colleagues, we can all have a healthier life.  Past topics have included stress reduction, exercise activities, meditation, yoga and more.

Personal Enrichment Workshops
If you have an interest that is not necessarily related directly to your teaching or your job title but that might be of interest to faculty and staff at MCC, here's your chance to share your creative endeavors. So far, we have done poetry readings, magic, political predictions, and ballroom dancing. What do you have to offer that is fun and entertaining?

Getting to Know Your College Workshops
It’s fairly easy for Faculty and Staff become compartmentalized within their division or department. Suggest a workshop or presentation that allows your colleagues to learn more about the services, and offerings around campus.

Financial Planning Workshops
With such a large and diverse workforce at MCC you can be sure there is  someone who wonders how to get out of debt, find the money to retire, or get a higher return on their savings. Consider sharing your insight and help others create a solid financial future.

Fabulous Flint Field Trips
Know of a hidden gem that highlights the best of Flint Living, that might be of interest to faculty and staff at MCC?  Here's your chance to share your perspective about what makes Flint a great place to live and work.


Submission Form

Day and Time Preference:

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June 19, 2019
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