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Approval Protocols for Primary Research Conducted at Mott Community College

Department of Planning, Research & Quality Initiatives

Approved by EC 2012-05-15

Mott Community College (MCC) values the role that primary research plays in academic life and the functioning of a vibrant academic community. For the purposes of this approval document, primary research is defined as the collection of data that exists in MCC's information systems, as well as direct collection of data from MCC employees, students, or community members via surveys, focus groups, or other methods of direct data collection. These approvals do not apply to regularly-occurring processes of data submission by MCC departments, nor do they apply to in-class activities conducted by faculty members as part of normal class assignments.

The intent of these brief approval protocols is to provide an objective statement of what kinds of research will be approved at MCC and by whom. Questions about these protocols should be directed to the Executive Dean of Planning, Research & Quality Initiatives.

1.0 Survey Research

Surveys at Mott Community College are conducted by Institutional Research (IR). Because a number of regularly-scheduled and ad-hoc surveys are deployed on an ongoing basis, the development and timing of institutional surveys must be coordinated through the IR office. In addition, the following protocol for survey approval was adopted by the Executive Cabinet (EC) in July of 2010:

1.1Surveys of MCC employees or students must be reviewed and approved by the Executive Cabinet (EC) prior to deployment.

External researchers must follow the approval protocols described in 3.0 below to deploy surveys to MCC students, faculty and staff.

2.0 Data Sharing/Extraction

Mott Community College participates in a number of initiatives that involve sharing data with external partners. Whenever possible, data sharing arrangements should be formally documented in writing.

2.1Projects and initiatives that involve data extraction or analysis must be approved by the Executive Cabinet (EC).

Such projects should be coordinated with the Director of Institutional Research (IR) early in the process. Special attention should be paid to deadlines for data submission.

External partners and researchers should be directed toward publicly-available data first. Special requests for non-public data extraction, analysis and sharing that originate outside MCC are subject to the approval protocols described in 3.0 below. In most cases, data shared by MCC for external research purposes should by presented in aggregate and should not be identified by institution. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Executive Cabinet (EC) and documented in writing.

3.0 Research Approval Protocols

From time to time, external researchers and organizations request internal data from MCC. In many cases, the location and extraction of internal data requires considerable work on the part of MCC employees. In addition, MCC employees are sometimes engaged in external research activities (e.g. graduate coursework and doctoral research) that may require requests for extraction of MCC data. For this reason, the following approvals are required:

3.1 All requests for non-public data (including use of non-public data by MCC employees for external research purposes) must be approved by the Executive Cabinet (EC).

3.2 MCC does not have an Institutional Review Board (IRB). All external research involving human subjects must be approved by the IRB sponsoring the research.

3.3 Data extraction for external research projects (including those conducted by MCC employees) are subject to the following guidelines:

3.3.a Data must be extracted and scrubbed of identifying personal information by Institutional Research.

3.3.b An hourly rate for IR extraction and redaction will be calculated and charged to the individual or organization requesting the data.

3.4 MCC employees conducting external research projects are subject to the following additional guidelines:

3.4.a Employees may not use the access that accompanies their particular position at the college to extract student records for external research purposes.

3.4.b Employees are not to work on external research during their scheduled work hours or assignments.

In February of 2010, a Research Procedures Approval Study Group convened and created a grid describing the types of researchers performing primary research at MCC, as well as the type of research and level of impact to the organization. This grid appears below.

Researcher Non-public data extraction Small survey or focus group of MCC students Small survey or focus group of MCC employees All-employee e-mail survey
All-student e-mail survey
MCC student n/a Instructor Approval Dean approval n/a n/a
MCC faculty (internal) n/a n/a n/a n/a EC Approval
MCC staff/admin (internal) n/a EC Member Approval EC Member Approval EC Approval EC Approval
MCC faculty
& staff (external)
EC Approval VP Approval VP Approval EC Approval EC Approval
External researcher or organization
EC Approval VP Approval CHRO Approval EC Approval EC Approval

These approval protocols are subject to future revision. Direct inquiries to:

Erica Holmes, Interim Director
Institutional Research
Mott Community College
1401 E. Court Street
Flint, MI 48503

Phone: (810) 235-5877

January 7, 2019
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