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Demographics of Police

Return to Police Open Data Initiative
 Age  Race  Gender  Employee Group  Job Title
20BLMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (student Assistant)
43WHMTemporaryTemporary Public Safety Officer
57WHMS&MSupervisor - Public Safety (PT)
70WHMS&MLieutenant - Health & Medical Services and Emergency Opers
53WHMS&MSupervisor - Public Safety (PT)
55WHMPSOSworn Officer w/ Associates
56BLMS&MSupervisor - Public Safety (PT)
25BLFTemporaryTemporary Public Safety Officer
62BLFPSOPublic Safety Officer w/ Associates
46BLFPSOPublic Safety Officer w/ Associates
20WHMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (student Assistant)
48BLFTemporaryTemporary Public Safety Officer
60WHMPSOSworn Officer w/ Associates (Part-time)
19BLMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (student Assistant)
20BLMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (fws)
19BLFStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (student Assistant)
57WHMS&MSupervisor - Public Safety
53WHMPSOIntelligence Operations Officer w/ Associates
54HISMPSOSworn Officer w/ Associates
58WHFPSOPublic Safety Officer w/o Associates (Part-time)
23WHMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (fws)
54BLMS&MSupervisor - Public Safety (PT)
20WHMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (student Assistant)
57BLMPSOPublic Safety Officer w/ Associates (Part-time)
62WHMS&MLieutenant - LERTA & Public Safety Trng, Centers & Sites
50WHFAdmin SupportAdmin Asst IV - Public Safety
26MULTMPSOIntelligence Operations Officer w/o Associates
46BLMTemporaryTemporary Public Safety Officer
52BLMS&MLieutenant - Patrol & Administrative Operations
55WHMTemporaryTemporary Public Safety Officer
60BLFTemporaryTemporary Public Safety Officer
44WHMTemporaryTemporary Public Safety Officer
58WHMPSOSworn Officer w/ Associates
57WHFTemporarySergeant (PT Non-Union)
19BLMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (student Assistant)
19BLFStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (student Assistant)
48BLMS&MSupervisor - Public Safety (PT)
19BLMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (fws)
18UNFStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer (student Assistant)
62BLFExemptExecutive Director - Public Safety
57WHFPSOSworn Officer w/ Associates
53BLFAdmin SupportStaff Assistant II - Public Safety (PT)
50BLFPSOPublic Safety Officer w/ Associates
24BLMStudent WorkerStudent Safety Officer
52WHMS&MSupervisor - Public Safety (PT)
54WHMS&MSupervisor - Public Safety (PT)
56HISMPSOSworn Officer w/ Associates
59BLMPSOPublic Safety Officer w/o Associates (Part-time)
68WHFTemporaryNurse Practitioner
50BLMTemporaryTemporary Public Safety Officer
April 3, 2018
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