Connect with Zoom

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based solution for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and online meetings and Webinars. Zoom's web-based conferencing uses high-quality video and audio and is accessible on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, Zoom can be used with conventional phone lines for audio conferencing.

Create your MCC Zoom Account (faculty & staff)

  • Go to Zoom and create your account using your email address
  • You will get an invitation from Zoom asking you to join the MCC group
  • Once you accept, your account will be converted to the MCC license
  • If you have any questions contact 810-762-4357 or email

Setting Up a Zoom Meeting

  • Use your MCC username and password to login to set-up a meeting
  • Download Zoom

Connect with the Zoom Help Center

for all your questions, and 1-minute how-to videos