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Mammoth Skull and TuskThe Chester H. Wilson Geology Museum is always happy to receive donations of fine mineral, rock or fossil specimens.  No radioactive minerals accepted.  Please read our donation policy for further details.  Thank you for your interest!

Donation Policy

The Chester H. Wilson Geology Museum (subsequently referred to as the “Museum”) is a campus museum overseen by the Science & Mathematics Division at Mott Community College in Flint, Michigan.  The Museum welcomes donations when the gifts will add to the educational mission of the Museum.  Gifts are accepted only if they are useful to the collections and meet current collecting criteria.  The acceptance or refusal of any object is partly based on the potential educational value of the specimen(s) as well as the current storage capacity of the Museum and exhibit space requirements of the donated materials.  The Museum reserves the right to reject, prior to delivery, and to dispose of, after delivery, any material(s) deemed no longer appropriate for the collections.

Gift Restrictions

The Museum does not accept specimen(s) or material(s) with stipulations, restrictions, or specific conditions attached.  The museum also does not accept hazardous materials such as radioactive minerals.

Donation Procedure

Should you wish to donate any specimen(s) to the Museum, please contact the department Dean or museum Director in writing or by telephone prior to bringing in your intended donation.  The staff may not be able to receive you or your object(s) if you have not already arranged a meeting time in advance.

Should your specimen(s) meet the current collection criteria then it may be integrated into the Museum’s permanent collections.  If your specimen(s) is determined to be of non-display quality, then we may add it to the college’s educational collections, which are used to teach students and/or the general public through hands-on learning.  Sometimes objects offered for donation are rejected for various reasons such as the college already has a sufficient quantity of specimen(s) or material from a certain location.

Please note:

Objects are NOT accepted as long-term loans.
Objects are NOT accepted with specific conditions attached.
Hazardous objects or substances will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.

If you are interested in offering any specimens or material(s) to the Chester H. Wilson Geology Museum please contact Todd Troutman or Sheila Swyrtek by mail, email or phone as listed below.

Todd Troutman
Dean of Science & Mathematics
Mott Community College
Science & Mathematics Division
1401 E. Court St.
Flint, MI 48503

Sheila Swyrtek
Director of Chester H. Wilson Geology Museum
Mott Community College
Science & Mathematics Division
1401 E. Court St.
Flint, MI 48503

Tax Information

Gifts to the Museum may be tax deductible.  Potential donors should consult their tax advisors for further information. If a tax deduction is planned, the donation must be appraised at the donor’s expense before being given to the Museum. The Museum or geology area faculty, as an interested party, may not provide a qualified appraisal of the value of the gifts.

Gift Acknowledgment

It is the Museum’s standard procedure to acknowledge all gifts in writing, unless the donor states that a formal acknowledgement is not necessary.


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