Museum Tours

Tours may be available upon special request.  Send requests to the Science & Math Office at scimath@mcc.edu.

Self-Guided Tours

The Chester H. Wilson Geology Museum is open to the public so please feel free to drop by and lose yourself among our many cases of minerals, rocks and fossils. Please check the museum hours before your visit as they change each semester.

Guided Tours

The Geology Museum at Mott Community College is always willing to host interested community and school groups for a guided tour of our collection. As the facility is small, we recommend groups of no more than 25 individuals at a time. Tours are approximately one hour long and feature a mammoth skull and tusks found locally as well as a large variety of mineral, rock and other fossil displays. Admission to the museum is free. To schedule a tour, please contact the museum director, Sheila Swyrtek at (810) 232-9312 or email sheila.swyrtek@mcc.edu. After scheduling a time for your tour we ask that you fill out and email the following form to confirm your reservation:

Tour Registration Form

Many school groups like to include a student scavenger hunt as one of their activities when they visit.

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Museum Director Sheila Swyrtek
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