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Biochemistry is the science that deals with the substances, reactions and processes that occur in a living organism. Success in biochemistry requires a firm grounding across the sciences but especially in physics, mathematics and biology. In addition to the chemistry courses required for all biochemistry majors, the MCC chemistry area also offers courses in the analysis of environmental pollutants and forensic chemistry. Under the direction of full-time chemistry faculty, interested students have the opportunity to perform original research and submit results for publication. Students taking part in research will also have the opportunity to forge bonds with faculty at local universities as many of the projects involve interacting with chemistry faculty at a four-year university.

bio-chemistry students
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Degree Pathway starting with MATH-145

If you do not place into MATH-170 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I), please consult this course pathway which begins with MATH-145 (Pre-Calculus) and consult with a faculty member or academic adviser.

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