What you need to know to at SLBC

Southern Lakes Branch Center - Fenton Administrative Staff

  • Doris E. Stromer - Site Director
  • Jill Eaton – Administrative Assistant
  • Curt Brown – Police Officer
  • Sherry Dixon - Public Safety Officer

General Information

Instructors should notify both the SLBC administrator and their division office. With advance notice it may be possible to find a substitute or contact students so they do not have to drive to campus. A notice will be posted at the classroom door for cancelled classes
Campus security is available to assist with classroom disturbances, unlock your car, jump start your car or escort you to your car if needed.
Computers are available in the Faculty Offices, room 1001E. Each faculty member must select their printer or copy machine the first time they log in. The instructions for this are posted by each computer. All printing diverts to a printer or the copy machine in the mail room area, room 1001K. To print from the copier, you must use your Mott Community College login and password.
Ample and convenient parking is located all around the building. Check parking signs indicating designated areas for faculty, staff, and students. Parking maps are available at the front office or with Public Safety.
Library orientations are available for courses taught at SLBC. Please contact the Reference Desk at 810-762-0411.
Courier services for interoffice mail is available on Monday's and Thursday's. USPS mail arriving from main campus or to our location is stamped and placed in the mailboxes the same day we receive it.
The Testing Center will administer make-up tests for individual students at the instructor's request. Students taking a make-up test follow the same testing security procedures as those used in e-Learning testing. This service is designed to have make-up testing available in a consistent, secure manner and is not a replacement for in-class testing. We offer make-up tests anytime during the semester, but we cannot test entire classes.
A Faculty Office area with generic cubicles are available on a first come first serve basis. These are located in room 1001E.
There are phones located at each desk in the Faculty office area for your use.
Messages and student work are placed in each faculty member’s mailbox, located in room 1001K. However, student tests will be locked up and must be retrieved by a staff member at the front office.