The Steelheads - Percussion Ensemble and Steel Band
Student Comments
“It has really changed the course of my life and given me direction. I never really knew what I was going to do after school until I got into steel drums and music. It gave me a better attitude toward things. It makes coming to school more enjoyable because I know l will do things I really enjoy. Sometimes I wish I was not graduating so I could stay in the band.”

“The steel drum band has given me an outlet for my emotions. To me, it means having a place in school and life.”

“Playing steel drums is a great opportunity and a privilege that I am proud to have. It has given me a lot of discipline and has helped me realize what my priorities are. We practice a lot, but you know it is well worth it when you play a really good concert. That kind of satisfaction is priceless.”

“As a new student and a new band member, the steel drum band is everything to me. They are the greatest people to be around, caring, funny and lovable. Also, they are talented musicians. I love music so much and their music is so fulfilling to me. When I am with them, life is wonderful and when I'm not, I miss it so much.”

“The steel drum band has kept me off the streets and out of trouble.”

“...a self-esteem boost for me. The group needed me and wanted me around. It was an important discovery within myself because I have been struggling at this school. I finally became a member and a friend. This was very meaningful to me...a very important moment of truth in my life forever.”

“I learned a lot about dedication and teamwork. Our band and myself grew up in a lot of ways. It really made me feel that all of my hard work paid off.”

“It made me understand what music is about and how hard work pays off. It reinforced my decision of going into music as a career. I think I matured musically.”

“I am a lot more confident with my music. It has also given me confidence in everything else that I do.”

“It will enable us to look back at the experience for the rest of our lives and give us something to be proud of.”
Genesee Intermediate School District
Genesee Intermediate School District

Mott Community College
Mott Community College
1401 E. Court St.
Flint, MI 48503


James Coviak - Steelheads Director
(810) 210-2855