The Steelheads - Percussion Ensemble and Steel Band
 The Music We Make
Here is the track list and some audio samples from our CD.

Points of Departure

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1. Minuano (Six Eight)
2. (It's Just) Talk
3. Little Wing
4. Wildlife

5. Omphalo Centric Lecture
6. The Songlines
7. Safari
8. Do It Again
9. Everybody's Party

10. Some Skunk Funk
11. Minuano(Six Eight)
Points of Departure

Use the form below to order a copy. We would also love for you to come out and hear us play. Our Performance Schedule will let you know when and where you can see and hear us perform live.
Genesee Intermediate School District
Genesee Intermediate School District

Mott Community College
Mott Community College
1401 E. Court St.
Flint, MI 48503


James Coviak - Steelheads Director
(810) 210-2855