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College Bookstore

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The Mott Community College Bookstore Online!

MCC Bookstore Online

The Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Prahl College Center on MCC's main campus. It provides authorized, one-stop-shopping for:

  • Textbooks
  • Spirit Wear
  • Software
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Computer Accessories
  • Supplies
  • Gifts
  • Snacks
MCC Bookstore
 Purchases  Refunds
  • Payment Options

    • Cash
    • Personal Check
      All personal checks require a current state issued ID.
    • Credit Cards
      Name on the card must match the person presenting it.
    • Financial Aid
      All Financial Aid purchases require a current state issued ID.
  • Completed before Date of Record.
  • After Date of Record, completed within 2 days.
  • All refunds and exchanges require a receipt.
  • All merchandise must be in resaleable condition.
  • Textbooks packaged in plastic must still be wrapped in plastic.
  • Returns will be refunded to the tender under which they were purchased.

Tips for Bookstore purchases:

  1. Buy your books as soon as possible. Avoid the rush!
  2. Bring your schedule with you to purchase/rent textbooks.
  3. If we don't have your books, we can place a special order or visit us online at
  4. Do NOT remove the plastic wrap until you have attended the first class.
  5. Do NOT open hardware or software packages. Once opened they cannot be returned.
  6. Look at your receipt - it has the last day to refund or exchange merchandise and to use financial aid funds.
  7. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT! You will need it for any return or exchange.
  8. All refunds are returned to the tender under which they were purchased.
  9. Keep your books with you at all times to prevent them from getting lost or stolen! Once you decide to keep your textbooks mark them in a way so they'll be easy to identify if lost.
  10. Book Buyback is recommended at the end of the term when we offer the most money for books that we need, in resaleable condition.
August 6, 2018
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