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Applied Technology

Associate in Applied Science

This program is designed for students who have progressed in their careers and achieved an advanced classification/status in a recognized technical field. Examples of these positions could include senior designer, head mechanic, quality manager, construction manager, etc. This advanced classification must be accompanied by a minimum of five years of full-time work experience. Students will be required to provide proof of advanced status and will select a program specialty in their fields of expertise. Students will be granted up to 20 credits for successfully fulfilling the criteria stated above.

Career Possibilities

  • These vary greatly depending on the advanced standing the student possesses and the coursework that they take.
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Program Information

Entrance Requirements

Credit for advanced position status must be verified by completion of a portfolio detailing employment history, employer documentation of classification, validation of hours, and a current job description that identifies required skills - 20 credit maximum.

Degree Information

Recommended Math Pathway: TECH

Writing Requirements: ENGL-101 and ENGL-102

Degree Pathway

The Applied Technology AAS Degree is customized to fit an individual’s situation. A student will be granted up to 20 credits for prior work and advanced classification in a field. The student should work with an advisor to determine the classes to be taken, and to develop a guided pathway.

See general course requirements for this pathway.

March 12, 2018
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