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President Barak Obama called community colleges the "unsung heroes" of the nation's education system. President Obama convened the first White House Summit on Community Colleges on November 5, 2010.

Community colleges have been called the "unsung heroes" of the nation's education system. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, community colleges are important because they "provide an open door to college that is vital for many young people and that can rarely be duplicated by four-year institutions, and they reach a far more diverse group of students than do most four-year colleges." Additionally, they are a key player in preparing the U.S. to compete in an increasingly technological world.

What do other people say about Mott Community College?

Take a look at what students say about their experience at MCC, how alumni found the world of work with their MCC education, or what business and industry leaders say about the track record of MCC graduates.

Student Testimonials

“MCC’s classes aren’t too big and the professors are willing to help you whenever you need it.” - Kelly Sasek

“Two of the things I like about Mott College are the small campus and friendly students.” - Derek Woods

“MCC really considers its students first, they understand they are busy people and have lives. The flexibility is wonderful, with classes offered day and night. MCC always recognizes its students. That's the key thing.” - April Fultz

“The personal atmosphere at Mott College is so important. The staff made a tremendous difference.” - Suzanne Diaz

“Mott College is a smart choice because of the low tuition and great education!” - Katrina Hatchett

“Mott College offers transferable credits and a staff that’s here to help.” - Jarod Boyles

“MCC is convenient, inexpensive and close to home. They also offer the same classes at many different hours and locations. Instructors at MCC are very aware that you have a family and other work, and they are very willing to work around these things. They don’t just teach you what you need to pass a class, they teach you the reality of what you will find once you start working in the outside world. There is also great peer support.” - Amy Howard

“If someone (like me) can do it with five kids at home, anyone can. MCC has been wonderful. Absolutely. I’ve actually found my self-esteem. Instructors are very personable and caring, they go beyond. Mott College is almost a home away from home. My self-esteem has skyrocketed and my children feel it. Mott has given me a new focus. Before, my husband and I were living from paycheck to paycheck. That won’t happen in the future.”- Cheryl Taylor

“MCC is really good about working around your schedule. If you want to go full time or part-time there are a bunch of classes offered at different times. I’m graduating at the end of April. I had three interviews and I have been offered a position with the Flint Journal as a graphic designer in their marketing department. MCC is close to home. I was able to live with my parents and save money.”- Kathleen Jones

“The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are always willing to help you, or help you find the answer to problems you are having. I love the atmosphere. A bunch of us have been through the entire program together. We are there for each other emotionally and any way we can be there for each other.”- Kimberly Presser

“It’s convenient. I’ve met a lot of good friends. Most of the instructors are wonderful. They have done a really good job. As compared to other nursing programs, MCC is the best in the area. We receive more clinical experience at MCC than at other programs. The Instructors are very good. MCC has a reputation in the community for the nursing program. The Instructors are so understanding of people having lives outside of school. They really try to help you out.”- Mandy Stewart

“MCC has given me help to get there. They have provided me with excellent direction with career moves. The instructors are very informative and very willing to work with you. A lot of people, faculty and staff, have taken me under their wing. I feel more than well prepared by my experience at MCC with my mixture of work experience and class. I have had a lot of hands-on experience, which is how I learn.” - Mark Higham

“The smaller setting and understanding instructors gave me the confidence and strength to continue. MCC planted the seed. It has given me the confidence and strength to continue. The instructors are flexible and work with my schedule.”- Marta Bates

“MCC has positive surroundings, and the instructors are very nice and very thorough about what they teach. I feel like I learned a lot more here than at the other college I attended before. MCC has a very calm, safe atmosphere. Everyone is in a positive mood—students and instructors. Everyone is very friendly. At other schools, people tend to walk around in their own world. I feel connected to the people in class and instructors. Instructors are very open-minded and considerate. I’d recommend MCC to anyone.” - Ruthina Alston

“I have learned a lot of computer skills. I have a talent for visual art, and there is a lot of technology out there. MCC is a good place to get started. I’ve saved more money than I would have if I had gone away to school and there are fewer distractions. The classes are smaller. They are more one on one. And you won’t get lost. I am in touch with the head of the program. They gave me advice on where to go next. I’m focused. I’m more disciplined since I began at MCC. Mott has prepared me for the real world of pressure and deadlines. They prepared me for a real-life career.” - Walter Sturghill

Alumni Testimonials

“Everything I really needed to know, I learned at Mott College.” That statement comes from Dr. Charles Teaberry who graduated from MCC and went on to earn his BA, MA and Ph.D. from California’s prestigious Stanford University. Dr. Teaberry then became a professor at Stanford and is now CEO of his own company, Education Testing Inc., in Marina Del Rey, California. Also an accomplished athlete, Teaberry was inducted into the Afro-American Sports Hall of Fame in the multi-sport category. He has held the over-60 tennis title for several years and during his years as a basketball player was credited with inventing the jump shot. Dr. Teaberry recently returned to the MCC campus to pay tribute to his alma mater on its 75th birthday, crediting MCC with giving him a critical first step in what was to be a remarkable career in higher education.- Dr. Charles Teaberry

As Chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee, Senator Don Riegle was at the heart of international economic developments. A graduate of Mott Community College, Riegle credits MCC with giving him an important start in a career that led to teaching at Harvard University, ten years in the U.S. House of Representatives and 18 years in the U.S. Senate before voluntarily retiring in 1994. “I was lucky to have that home town college so I could live at home,” he stated, “It gave me the ramping up to the college challenge I needed.” Senator Riegle also recalls that MCC’s sports programs were important: “It was a time of sorting out for me and I found as a member of the track team that there was emphasis on abilities to have athletic outlets along with academics – a good blend.” Now deputy chairman of Shandwick International, a London-based public relations firm, Senator Riegle recalls, “I was fortunate, and so are Genesee County students today, to have access to higher education in their back yard.”- Senator Don Riegle

“The intellectual impact of my Mott education went with me,” states Federal Judge Paul V. Gadola, Jr., the highest-ranking government official in this part of Michigan, “The teachers were tough – I needed that.” Judge Gadola graduated from MCC in 1949 and then went on to law school and a successful career as a practicing attorney and community leader. He was part of MCC’s first elected board of trustees in 1969 and served on that board for 20 years. It was only after being appointed a federal judge by President Ronald Reagan in 1989 that federal regulations required Gadola to step down from the MCC board. He had been Chairman of the MCC Board of Trustees since 1983 and delayed his resignation from his MCC post until the last possible moment. “I resigned as chairman and trustee the same afternoon that I took the federal oath of office. It was a requirement of my new job, not because I wanted to.” Judge Paul V. Gadola, Jr. is one more example of how far you can go with a good start from MCC.- Federal Judge Paul V. Gadola, Jr.

Business & Industry Testimonials

"I am a huge fan of Mott Community College and what is being done here. Mott Community College is on the cutting edge of training and what needs to be done."U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow

"We also recognize that many workers change jobs in the middle of their careers, and they often get the training they need at community colleges. I have asked Congress to provide $250 million to community colleges to help Americans get the skills they need for high-growth fields."President George W. Bush

"Education offers the fifth road on our map to a powerhouse economy. Never in history have businesses so badly wanted precisely what we as parents want – highly-skilled, value-oriented citizens who will be successful in life and in the new knowledge-based economy."former Gov. Jennifer Granholm

"To ensure the economic strength and security of our state, we must address the skills gap that exists in Michigan. Our higher education system must keep pace with the new economy and the challenges our state faces. We must expand and sustain a highly educated workforce to spread economic opportunity and prosperity to more Michigan citizens.”John Cherry,
former Lt. Gov. and Genesee County Resident

“We need to foster a flexible education system--one that integrates work and training and that serves the needs both of experienced workers at different stages in their careers and of students embarking on their initial course of study. Community colleges, for example, have become important providers of job skills training not just for students who may eventually move on to a four-year college or university but for individuals with jobs--particularly older workers seeking to retool or retrain.”Alan Greenspan,
Former Chairman, Federal Reserve

“Mott Community College is the backbone of higher education for Genesee County and beyond…The success of this center (RTC) is not just important to the college: It is key to Genesee County’s attempts at economic diversification. MCC’s capacity to train highly skilled workers would be a major selling point for attracting new high-pay employment.”Flint Journal Editorial

“I have been very satisfied with Mott Community College and its outstanding technical instructors.”Robert M. Flynn, Jr.
Applied Senior Specialist, EDS

“Universal Systems strongly support Mott Community College’ plans to develop a Regional Technology Center with a strong manufacturing technology wing.”Gene W. Dennis,
President, Universal Systems

“Mott Community College has a long tradition of providing technical training to General Motors workers…we look forward to participating with you at your new Regional Technology Center.”George B. Albrecht,
Director, Human Resources, Delphi Automotive Systems

“Aerotek, Inc. has developed a strong partnership with Mott Community College…Aerotek will be looking to Mott Community College to furnish their students with the latest in design and manufacturing technology.”Fred Klein,

“We have always looked to Mott College as a resource for well-trained employees.” Michael D. Austin,
President, Atlas Technologies

“Mott Community College is an institution that is highly regarded for its effort to be responsive to the growing and changing needs of the workplace.”Greg Humes,
Senior Vice President, Penske Logistics

“Mott College is positioned ideally to create a technology center that will benefit not only the Flint area, but also the growing and expanding counties surrounding it.”Timothy Brooks,
Vice President/CFO, NLB Corp
March 12, 2020
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