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Courses in the Humanities Division are among the most popular at Mott Community College. All areas of study require students to obtain certain skills that the Humanities Division offers. Many of the general education courses required by four-year colleges and universities may be acquired within the Humanities Division and are fully transferable.

  • Composition and Creative Writing
  • Composition for Technical Fields
  • Literature
  • Speech Communication
  • Film
  • Foreign Languages
  • English as a Second Language
  • Philosophy
  • American Sign Language
  • Sign Language Interpreter Education
  • Reading and Developmental Writing to improve students' existing skills

Humanities Division
CM 1101

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All courses are designed to help our students succeed in their college studies at MCC, when they transfer to other colleges or universities, and in the workplace.

Humanities courses encourage students to expand their personal boundaries into the world around them by developing their skills in critical thinking, by helping them learn to express themselves in written and verbal forms, and to learn to communicate in languages other than English.

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Scholarships are available through the Humanities Division. To apply for a scholarship go to Student Financial Services. To view a list of scholarships available visit the Foundation for MCC. Deaf Culture Readings
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