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Mott Community College's Academic Outreach activities are designed to let kids, parents, and our community experience what Mott has to offer.

collage of children exploring programs at MCC, including dissecting, computers, anatomy, hair dressing, and automotive repair

We invite you to EXPLORE your interests and LEARN more about Mott Community College. Please check back often for information about Science Olympiad, Women in STEM, open houses, career fairs, summer programs, special events, and much more.

To request a specialized outreach activity focusing on academic programs and degrees, please contact our Academic Outreach Coordinator.

What's Coming Up?

June 26, Monday

Fab Lab Workshop

Laser fabrication workshop. The students will build a project cut on the laser.

June 30, Friday

Pig Lungs (Respiratory Therapy)

Students will participate in the dissection of pig heart and lungs, the specimens are fresh from a local butcher and contain no chemical preservatives; PPE will be provided. Attendees will learn the gross anatomy and physiology of the upper and lower airway, and heart. Students will see lungs placed on life support and learn about the respiratory therapist's role when managing a patient on mechanical ventilation. This session is ideal for the student who loves science or is interested in the medical field as a career.

July 7, Friday

Media Arts & Entertainment Technology

Students will learn how computers, cameras, lighting and green screens are used to make special effects for movies and television shows.

July 10, Monday

STEM Exploration (Forensic Science)

*Check-in at 8:45am in Gorman Auditorium - A week long camp for 9th thru 12th grade students interested in STEM. This camp introduces students to different areas of STEM each day of the week. On Monday, students will learn more about Forensic Science as they learn how to perform blood typing and blood pattern analysis. On Tuesday, students will focus on the field of Psychology and learn about biopsychological feedback and polygraph testing. On Wednesday, students will explore the Math and Physics fields and learn about the math and physics behind rockets. On Thursday, students will become chemists for the day and will learn about the chemistry of color and about polymers. Lastly on Friday, students will explore the field of Biology and participate in photosynthesis and DNA fingerprinting experiments.

July 11, Tuesday

STEM Exploration (Psychology)

July 12, Wednesday

STEM Exploration (Math & Physics)

July 13, Thursday

STEM Exploration (Chemistry)

July 14, Friday

STEM Exploration (Biology)

July 17, Monday - Friday

Crime Scene Investigation