Welcome to the Purchasing Department at Mott Community College!

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It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Department to provide the college community with expertise and assistance in procuring the materials and services needed to accomplish the College's mission to support and ensure the success of our students. We do this by providing information, knowledge and service in the key areas of employee information and assistance, vendor information and bid opportunities.

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Responsibility and authority to make commitments for a purchase(s) is assigned to the Purchasing Department. This includes all contracts with vendors regarding quantity or service requirements, price, delivery, or other matters of a contractual nature. Such commitments are to be made only by the Purchasing staff, or by delegation through the use of the College Purchase Card. Mott Community College is not obligated to pay for any purchases made otherwise. Any purchase(s) not accompanied by a College Purchase card or (blanket or) purchase order number will be considered a personal transaction between the employee and vendor.