Our "Brand" Architects

The Marketing and Communications (MarComm) Office is the voice of Mott Community College—expressing and shaping our brand and helping to further our mission.

But really, what does that MEAN? Our brand is the sum of the look, the feel, and the voice of our College and it is the basis for the perception individuals have of the College. In short, it is our reputation.

As with individuals, cultivating a good reputation takes work, and that means that we have to work together. Every individual connected with Mott shares the responsibility for developing a reputation that makes us proud to be part of the Mott family.

From the look of the highway billboards, to the messages on social media and the promotion of a new class, the Marketing and Communications staff has the tools and expertise to ensure that our reputation is one that represents our high standards in education and our commitment to the community.

Borrow our MCC branded canopy tent for your next event. To reserve or for more information email: rebecca.gale@mcc.edu or call (810) 762-0455.