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MCC Commitments

Mott Community College is Committed to

—Provide a welcoming culture

We are a welcoming student success culture promoting learning, engagement and completion. We are committed to providing a friendly, nurturing, student-centered environment, with engaging and challenging experiences in and out of the classroom. Mott promotes a vibrant student life across all areas of the campus. The College is committed to ensuring completion in a timely manner.

—Inform, guide, and support

We are committed to clear communication, direction, and guidance designed to help students succeed every step of the way.

—Develop pathways

We are committed to working with every student to ensure they have a clear educational and career plan based on their goals, strengths, and needs. Mott will assess, advise, support, and empower students to reach their goals.

—Embrace partnerships

We are committed to expand partnerships with community-based organizations, employers, colleges and universities, and K-12 schools. Quality partnerships are essential to prepare students for college-level courses and work-based opportunities that equip students for the future.

For Student Success

—Inform, guide, and support students

We will work together to help students succeed every step of the way.

—Value employees

We will honor each other and our service with appropriate, positive and comprehensive acts of recognition.

—Provide a culture of professionalism

We embrace honesty, integrity and respectfulness between and among all employees. We will have transparent communication without fear of reprisal

—Engage employees

We welcome employees to participate in an array of college activities and committees.

—Maximize employee performance

We will provide accessible and robust professional development, training, current resources, and tools. We will deliver relevant, timely and accurate information.

—Offer fair compensation and advancement opportunities

We will routinely perform market and talent management analysis and develop employees for promotion.

For Employee Success

March 14, 2019
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