Please Read the Following Process for Communicating Public Concerns

Mott Community College makes every effort to resolve concerns from the public or non-students internally. Members of the public are expected to fully utilize any and all of the outlined administrative procedures to address concerns in as timely a manner as possible.

The staff at MCC are here to ensure that MCC remains a valuable partner within the community. However, there are times when members of the public may have concerns regarding their experience with MCC. The first step in pursuing all concerns should be an informal discussion with department personnel (for example: if you are attempting to hold an event on an MCC property and find that some part of the process is not meeting your expectations, you should first have an informal discussion with your contact in the Events Office). For all general concerns, or those unrelated to an existing business interaction with a College department, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (810) 762-0455.

If the concern cannot be resolved through an informal discussion, there are formal procedures, outlined below, to be followed by both the person in bringing forward the concern and the college in responding.

If a member of the public or non-student thinks that he/she has a concern and wishes to formally pursue resolution of that concern, the Formal Concern Process shall be initiated within 45 calendar days of the cause of concern. The following outlines the process:

  • Complainant contacts the department regarding their concern in an attempt to resolve the matter or contacts the Office of Institutional Advancement at (810) 762-0455 for general concerns (the complainant will be connected with the appropriate department or their issue will be resolved by the Office of Institutional Advancement).
  • If the concern remains unresolved, the complainant should contact and meet with the appropriate departmental manager or contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (810) 762-0455 to be connected with the appropriate Departmental Manager before completing the Formal Concern Form.
  • The Manager will attempt to resolve the concern informally.
  • If the concern remains unresolved after meeting with the Manager, and the complainant wishes to pursue the matter, the Formal Complaint form is to be completed within 10 business days and forwarded to the Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement.

The formal procedure for public or non-student concerns, outlined above, is available online and in department offices.

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