Securing funding for education and community

The Grant Development Office discovers and develops funding for programs, facilities, student support services and other resources. Grant Development works together with MCC’s Executive Cabinet, administrators, faculty and staff to identify and secure grant funding to meet all of MCC’s needs.

Grant development is here to support your department

The Grants Office Mission is to identify, develop, monitor and report on grants supporting the mission and key priorities of Mott Community College. We also provide guidance and assistance to Executive Cabinet members and grant project managers to ensure compliance.

Our services include:

  • Project Research and Development
    • We research and identify funding opportunities within the context of MCC’s strategic priorities, funding priorities and need.
    • We assist in planning and developing grant projects.
    • We review prospective funders.
    • We assess the viability of prospective grant funding opportunities proposed by MCC faculty, administrators and staff.
    • Our services are not available to the public, though the documents and information provided on our pages are a free resource.
  • Application Assistance
    • We liaise between applicants and funding agencies.
    • We facilitate the grant process throughout its life cycle.
    • We write and edit grant proposals, including budget development.
    • We submit grant proposals
  • Compliance Assistance
    • Grant compliance is essential to maintain good standing with funding agencies!
    • Working with MCC’s accounting department, we monitor post-award grant compliance and offer support with reporting requirements.
    • We maintain grant records.
    • We establish post-award and grant kick-off meetings, as well as other meetings as needed, and facilitate completion of the final grant report.

Getting started

To learn more about the Grants Development Office please visit: