Charles Stewart Mott Community College (“The College” hereafter) values the freedoms of speech, thought, expression and assembly in themselves and as part of our core educational and intellectual mission. The College expects, however, that campus expression related activities, such as organized assemblies, will be conducted in an orderly manner and with due respect for the rights of others. It is the policy of the College to permit such expression for lawful purposes in a manner that avoids disruption of regular college business, including classes, study and general operations. The College also has the responsibility to preserve the safety of the students, faculty, staff, visitors and property.

  1. Anyone may make speeches, offer petitions for signature, distribute materials and hold protests or demonstrations outside of the College buildings. All such activities must be peaceful, avoid acts or credible threats of violence and preserve the normal operation of the College. Generally, normal operations will not be disrupted when such activities occur in the following area: Court Street Courtyard (in-between Mott Memorial Building and Mott Library).
  2. No event shall infringe upon the rights or privileges of anyone not in sympathy with it, and no one will be permitted to harm others, damage property, block access to College buildings or disrupt classes.
  3. MCC Department of Public Safety personnel retain all of their normal powers to monitor conduct and activities and will interfere with an individual or group to exercise free expression to prevent injuries or stop disruption to College operations.
  4. While spontaneous assemblies, protests, demonstrations and similar events can be very legitimate, in most instances organizing efforts are made well in advance of the expected date of the event or activity. Therefore, organizers should provide advance notice of the planning of such events and activities by contacting the MCC Department of Public Safety.
  5. The enforcement of these conditions will not depend in any way on the message or sponsorship of the act or event.