What is the Michigan Corrections Officer Grant Program?

The Michigan Corrections Officer Grant Program (MCOGP) is a new program to provide tuition and fees for Michigan corrections officers enrolled in Michigan community colleges. This fund supports Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) requirements that officers earn 15 college credits within 24 months of employment.

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Corrections officers who meet the following criteria are eligible to submit an application:

  1. Be employed by the Michigan Department of Corrections
  2. Have been approved by the MDOC for the MCOGP.
  3. Have not earned 15 college credits.
  4. Enroll at a Michigan community college.

How to apply:

Apply for the MCOGP at the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA).
The application requires basic contact information, employee identification and social security number, and a completed  eligibility verification form..

After approval, complete the MCOGP Interest Form for Mott Community College. If you plan on completing more than 15 credits, you may need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) or additional financial aid applications.

After enrolling in classes, submit your billing statement from the college to the MCCA.

After completing classes, submit your unofficial transcript to the MCCA.

Applicants have several academic options:

Your advisor will discuss the following options with you:

Not eligible for the Michigan Corrections Officer Grant Program?