Committed to building, uplifting, and celebrating you

Rebecca Gale-Gonzalez

The MCC Chapter of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges welcomes you – our community, our students, staff and faculty! I am honored to serve you as president for 2021-2023. We honor the service of those who came before us, phenomenal women have led this chapter to many successes and recognition as a model chapter. The board looks forward to engaging you in meaningful dialogue, aspirational and inspirational professional development and providing opportunity for growth through service and volunteer experience that is relevant to you and the mission of AAWCC.

MCC AAWCC is a professional networking association that supports, empowers, recognizes achievements, and raises awareness for issues women face on their road to career fulfillment and in particular at community college’s. We come from many different backgrounds, skill levels, education, orientation and with a diversity of socio and economic opportunity and factors that make us who we are. Believe me when I say, we will celebrate and respect all of these differences. We invite all to the table, to share in a common cause of rising together!

My vision for our growth is to offer more opportunities for professional development, to increase membership and engagement, and to partner with other campus initiatives like Civility, Mentoring, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice. All of these align with our values and mission. Please join us and help that work continue and bring forth tangible, notable progress as we move forward together. If you are working with these initiatives, we need you at the table.

An organization doesn’t exist without members who believe and support the work of the organization. So if you weren’t sure how this could help you in the past, or if you left for one reason or another, we want you back! We want to not only hear your ideas, but help you develop those into meaningful work for you and the organization. So if you’re ready to be notorious, let’s get something new started!

Like those who came before me, I am committed to building, uplifting, and celebrating you and what matters to you, as we continue the exceptional work that has led us to be the model chapter of our region. Thank you!

Rebecca Gale-Gonzalez
President, MCC AAWCC