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Computer Competency Test-Out Option

Policies and Information

In response to the increasing demand for computer skills in the workplace, all degree programs will require the demonstration of meeting a Computer Competency requirement (CCR). Students entering MCC or changing their Program of Study after (and including) the 2016 catalog year will be required to demonstrate their computer competency prior to degree completion.

Students may demonstrate their computer competency in one of two ways:

  1. Satisfactory completion of the COMG 153: Computers-A Practical Approach
  2. Completion of the Computer Competency test with a minimum of 70 percent*

NOTE: Some programs require taking COMG-153; taking and successfully passing the course demonstrates the competency. For those programs that do not require COMG-153, a competency test-out option is available and can be taken in the Testing Center.

*The cost of the test-out option is $30.00 for each attempt and must be paid at the time the test is taken. (Payment is accepted at the circulation desk of the Mott Library) Financial Aid does not cover the cost of the test.

Appointments for the Computer Competency Test are encouraged or strongly suggested.

Taking the Computer Competency Test

The test is based on Microsoft Office 2013 (except Access).

To take the Computer Competency Test

  • Pay at the circulation desk of the Mott Library
  • Go to the Testing Center on the 3rd floor of the Mott Library
  • Review the demo and take the practice test
  • Take the Computer Competency Test

After the test

Ask for a copy of your test results to add to your academic portfolio.

Areas Covered by Test

The Computer Competency Test (CCT) assesses students' computer competency. It includes mostly performance-based simulations and some multiple choice questions taken online in the Testing Center. Students are encouraged to review the objectives, CSP downloads and take a practice test. The CCT and practice test are not timed; together they take approximately 1 hour to complete (15 minutes to review the Step-by-step instructions for taking the CCT, 10 minutes to take the ten item practice test and +45 minutes to take the seventy item CCT test).

See complete list of the test objectives

NOTE: Mott Community College does not include any questions regarding Access (databases).

  1. Basic Concepts of Information Technology
    • Data storage and memory.
    • How computer-based software applications are used in home computing and on the job.
    • What computer information networks are and how they're used.
    • How IT systems are found in everyday situations.
    • How personal computers can affect your health.
    • Security and legal issues associated with computers.
  2. File Management
    • Operate effectively within the desktop environment.
    • Manage and organize files and directories/folders.
    • Copy, move, and delete files and directories/folders.
    • Work with desktop icons and manipulate windows.
    • Using the search features, simple editing tools, and print management facilities available within an operating system.
  3. Word Processing (Word)
    • Carry out operations associated with creating, formatting, and finishing a word processing document ready for distribution.
    • Create standard tables.
    • Use pictures and images within a document. Import objects.
    • Use mail merge tools.
  4. Spreadsheets (Excel)
    • Develop, format, and use a spreadsheet.
    • Use basic formulas and functions to accomplish standard mathematical and logical operations.
    • Import objects.
    • Create graphs and charts.
  5. Presentations (PowerPoint)
    • Create, format, and prepare a variety of presentations for different target audiences or situations.
    • Use graphics, charts, and various slide show effects.
  6. Information and Communication
    • Accomplish Web search tasks using a Web browser application and available search engine tools.
    • Bookmark search results.
    • Print Web pages and search reports.
    • Send and receive messages.
    • Attach documents or files to a message.
    • Organize and manage message folders or directories within electronic mail software.
  7. Learning Management Systems (Blackboard)
    • Check grades
    • Access files
    • Open/upload/attach files

For questions regarding your progress toward your degree, please visit the Advisement Center located on the second floor of the Prahl College Center.

August 6, 2019
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