Policies and Information

The Computer Competency Test (CCT) assesses students' computer competency. It includes mostly performance-based simulations and some knowledge-based questions taken online in the Testing Center. Students are encouraged to review the TTA Assessment Guide and sample test prior to taking the CCT.

In response to the increasing demand for computer skills in the workplace, all degree programs will require the demonstration of meeting a Computer Competency requirement (CCR). Students entering MCC or changing their Program of Study after (and including) the 2016 catalog year will be required to demonstrate their computer competency prior to degree completion.

Students may demonstrate their computer competency in one of two ways:

  1. Satisfactory completion of the COMG 153: Computers-A Practical Approach
  2. Completion of the Computer Competency test with a minimum of 70 percent*

NOTE: Some programs require taking COMG-153; taking and successfully passing the course demonstrates the competency. For those programs that do not require COMG-153, a competency test-out option is available and can be taken in the Testing Center.

Computer Competency Test are by appointment only.

NOTE: There are only two attempts for the Computer Competency Exam. There is a 48 hour waiting period between each attempt. Cost: $15.00 each attempt. Payable at the MCC Library Circulation Desk before taking the exam.

Taking the Computer Competency Test

Covered Topics

Objectives:Basic Formulas, Basic Formatting Issues

To take the Computer Competency Test

After the test

Ask for a copy of your test results to add to your academic portfolio.