Degree Description

The Baking & Pastry Art curriculum offers an introductory hands-on instruction in the basics of baking and pastry arts. The student will have the opportunity to learn and apply concepts and techniques of baking, weights and measures, equipment use, baking terminology and ingredient function; create a range of breads, pastries and desserts; produce standardized dessert recipes; and develop skills in discipline and professionalism necessary for working successfully in foodservice and hospitality industry.

Career Possibilities

A degree in Baking and Pastry Arts offers many career opportunities, not only in professional kitchens but also bakery owner, working in health care, catering, resorts and cruise ships, and hotel bake shops. Career Coach allows you to explore different career options for the degree you are pursuing. You can even take a look at each job title to see an in-depth overview, salary, job growth, and live job postings.

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Degree Pathway

Degree Pathways outline one possible sequence of courses students may complete to fulfill their degree requirements as full-time students over the course of two years.

Additional Information