Semester-by-Semester Course Plans for

Degree Pathways for transfer students are semester-by-semester course plans that result in the completion of an MCC degree with a focus on a particular discipline. Depending upon the discipline pathway you choose, you will receive either an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or an Associate of Fine Arts degree. Faculty and advisors will assist you in determining where your pathway transfers best into a four-year program when preparing to transfer to a college or university.

Degree Pathways for Occupational programs are semester-by-semester course plans leading to the completion of an Associate in Applied Science degree. With this degree, students are prepared to enter the job market or, with the help of their advisor or program coordinator, can prepare to transfer into certain four-year programs.

To make the most of your educational investment, students must follow one of the degree pathways and should meet with an advisor on a regular basis. If a student is uncertain as to which guided pathway to choose, it is vital that you meet with an advisor who will assist in determining your best options.

Occupational Degree Pathways

Associate in Applied Science

Transferable Degree Pathways

Associate in Arts

Associate in Science

Associate in Fine Arts

Associate in General Studies