Degree Description

History is the study of the past. Historians use written evidence, statistical information and other materials to reconstruct the story of humanity and gain insight into the present. MCC offers introductory courses in World History and the History of the United States as well as more specialized courses on African American history, the history of women in the United States, the History of the Holocaust, Michigan History, and more. Students who go on to earn a bachelor's degree in history are prepared for successful careers in business, education and government. Our graduates have also gone on to pursue graduate education in fields such as history, law, business, and public administration.

Career Possibilities

A degree with a concentration in History offers many career opportunities. Career Coach allows you to explore different career options for the degree you are pursuing. You can even take a look at each job title to see an in-depth overview, salary, job growth, and live job postings.

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Degree Pathway

Degree Pathways outline one possible sequence of courses students may complete to fulfill their degree requirements as full-time students over the course of two years.