Degree Description

MCC's World Languages and Cultures offers courses in Japanese to help students reach high levels of linguistic and cultural proficiency. The curriculum is designed to guide students in a professional, research-based manner from their current levels in the languages through well-defined stages of proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension so that they will reach advanced literacy and fluency in Japanese.

Students who successfully complete the elementary and intermediate course sequence can expect to attain a skill level enabling them to function in standard situations in a Japanese-speaking environment and to have a solid base for the further study of Japanese. The faculty serve as intermediaries between the American and Japanese language cultures. Through their graduate-level training they have a broad firsthand knowledge of the Japanese language, traditions, issues, and trends thus enabling them to support students with diverse interests in the field.

Career Possibilities

A degree with a concentration in Japanese offers many career opportunities. Career Coach allows you to explore different career options for the degree you are pursuing. You can even take a look at each job title to see an in-depth overview, salary, job growth, and live job postings.

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Degree Pathway

Degree Pathways outline one possible sequence of courses students may complete to fulfill their degree requirements as full-time students over the course of two years.