Convenient Filtered Water

hydration station

Over the 2017-2018 holiday break 65 "hydration stations" were installed to replace water fountains on the entire main campus. These hydration stations, manufactured in America by Elkay Manufacturing Company, have a bubbler for use as a standard drinking fountain as well as a bottle filler station.

The hydration stations contain NSF certified filtering to remove lead, other heavy metals, sediments and other contaminants. This filtering is indicated by a green-yellow-red indicator. Custodians are trained to alert Risk Management when a unit shows yellow so that the filter can be changed.

The bottle filler unit permits filling and re-filling of both reusable and disposable bottles, greatly enhancing MCC's environmental initiatives by reducing the number of plastic bottles introduced into the waste stream. The number of bottles NOT introduced into the waste stream is indicated by the counter on the hydration station.

We are very pleased to provide this filtered water to the Mott Community College community.