Marketing is more than just talking about our College, marketing is a strategic effort to position the College in front of potential students, faculty, and supporters at the right time with the right message. That is true for both external marketing--marketing facing the public, and internal marketing--marketing facing our students and staff.

Marketing takes many forms--a well-designed website, strategic placement of news releases, billboard ads, posters around campus, social media, and more. All of these efforts need to come together with a consistent message and a unified look to be successful. From the initial strategy to the final look and feel, the MarComm Office has the staff to help.


Over half of the information an individual takes in from any form of communication is visual. That means the design of documents, brochures, posters and billboards is as important as the content--and its more than just pretty pictures. Design is a cohesive image that links the visuals with the intended audience to make the most impactful message, while still upholding the brand of the College.