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Coaching at MCC

Student Success Coaches are a new resource in 2020 for students at Mott Community College. Every student attending Mott has an assigned Success Coach. The function of a success coach is to guide a student from entrance to exit at Mott. Coaches use several methods to ensure that every student has continual, proactive, personalized mentoring, academic coaching and support during their time at the college.

Student Success Coaches L-R Twynette Mixon, Dan Stewart, Jessica Bixel, Roger Christensen, Madonna Jackson

What do Success Coaches Do?

We help Mott Students succeed!!! Students are encouraged to be in contact with their success coach for support. Students may also be referred to a coach by faculty or staff at Mott. Success Coaches will help students identify possible barriers, provide strategies for students to address potential barriers and empower the student to move through their academic journey successfully.

*Success Coaching is   not   academic advising or personal counseling.