Funding Option For TRiO-SSS Participants

The TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Grant is designated for students participating in the SSS program. This grant is designed to assist with educational expenses such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies when all other sources of financial aid have been exhausted. Like the Federal Pell Grant, the TRiO-SSS Grant does NOT have to be paid back.

To be considered for TRIO funding:

  • Must attend a TRiO-SSS-sponsored financial literacy workshop and complete a grant application.
  • Must be awarded and receiving a Pell Grant in the semester for which you are applying for the TRiO-SSS Grant.
  • Maintain a minimum Mott Community College GPA of 2.0, and abide by the requirements for Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) listed on the MCC website. The award will be made on a semester-to-semester basis.
  • Carry a minimum of twelve* credits per Fall/Winter semester (Six* credits for Spring/Summer semester) * Exceptions may apply.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to transfer by enrolling in courses that are required or recommended for my program. I understand this is determined by a counselor/advisor and the award may not be granted for credits in excess of those necessary to complete my program and transfer.
  • Keep my Support Services Coordinator informed of my progress, via telephone, email, or personal contact, at least once per semester to ensure eligibility for future awards.
  • Explore options before withdrawing from a course as recommended by my Support Services Coordinator such as tutoring, workshops, meeting with my instructor, etc.
  • Your actual award amount will be determined in consultation with Financial Aid Office staff.

The Director of the Student Success Center will thoroughly review all documentation submitted prior to making a final determination on your award request. We reserve the right to cancel disbursement of an award if requirements are not met. Your actual award amount will be determined in consultation with the Financial Aid Office.