Guidelines for Calculation of Credit Hours

Mott Community College follows the federal Department of Education, State of Michigan, and Carnegie unit guidelines for calculation of credit hours.

Courses in Traditional Format

For courses delivered in traditional format, each credit hour represents a minimum of 800 minutes of class time per semester, with each instructional hour equaling 55 minutes. Students are expected to spend an additional 2 hours of out-of-class study time for each instructional hour.

Online / Web-Enhanced Format

Courses delivered in online or web-enhanced format are identical in outcomes and objectives to those offered in traditional format; thus, students are expected to spend a minimum of 800 minutes per credit hour acquiring new information, and an additional 1600 minutes per credit hour in study time over the course of the semester.

Courses with Additional Requirements

Courses including lab, clinical, and/or internship requirements may include additional contact hours as specified in the college catalog and in accordance with Carnegie definitions.