The Accounts Payable Department is located in the Curtice-Mott Complex, CM1026.

If you have any questions please contact Sue Coates at (810) 762-0523 or [email protected].

  • All invoices to be paid and documentation for reimbursements should be sent to [email protected]. Regardless of the AP Type used to create a requisition, all payments generated by Mott College Accounts Payable must be properly approved and supported with itemized documentation from the vendor substantiating the expenditure.
  • Please allow 10-15 days for reimbursements or instant payment terms. All other vendor invoices will be paid based on Net 30 payment terms. If an enclosure is necessary more time is required. Please contact the Accounting Department in advance. All payments will be generated once a week by Mott Accounts Payable and distributed by our third-party vendor, Paymerang, an electronic payment system. Questions regarding the delivery of payments should be directed to Paymerang at (877) 680-7332 or [email protected].
  • Please plan in advance so that emergency checks are not necessary. In the event of a true emergency situation, please fill out an Emergency Check Request form and have it approved by an Executive Cabinet member and the Chief Financial Officer or the Director of Accounting. Forms are available on the accounting website.