The Accounts Payable Department located at Curtice-Mott Complex, CM1026, is responsible for the disbursements of payments for all college services and supplies.

If you have any questions please contact Sue Coates at (810) 762-0523 or

  • Please allow 10 days for invoices to be processed if a reimbursement or instant term payment. All other vendor invoices will be paid based on Net 30 payment terms. Checks will be cut twice weekly and will be mailed or made available for employee pickup if requested on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Please plan in advance so that emergency checks are not necessary. In the event of a critical and disastrous situation, please fill out an Emergency Check Request form and have it approved by an Executive Cabinet member and the Chief Financial Officer or the Director of Accounting. Forms are available at the accounting office front desk or on the accounting website.
  • Regardless of AP Type used to create a requisition, all checks issued by the college must be properly approved and supported with itemized documentation from the vendor substantiating the expenditure.
  • Accounts Payable is able to reissue lost checks two weeks after the original issue date.
See the Policies and Procedures section on how to create a DVP

Certain transactions do not require purchase orders or receiving/acceptance and are best accomplished with a Direct Voucher Payment (DVP) requisition. Supporting documentation is sent to Mott Accounts Payable after requisition is fully approved.

DVP transactions are:

  • Employee travel
  • Employee reimbursements over $100 (Payroll handles all moving/relocation)
  • Golf outing participation (must use auxiliary funds and be approved in Datatel by Executive Cabinet member)
  • Memberships or dues to associations
  • Mini-grant or tuition payment to another college
  • Sponsorships/donations (over $100 must be approved in Datatel by Executive Cabinet member. Consult with Marketing for large dollar amounts)
  • Student scholarship payments
  • Subscriptions (periodicals)

The college uses the fixed asset module in Datatel to track inventory. If a DVP is used instead of a PO, the inventory tracking and recording process is compromised. For proper internal controls, and inventory tracking, (as well as many other reasons) tangible items require a PO.

Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) is a contract between the college and a vendor. It is generally used for repetitious payments for contractual services such as payment for leased equipment or room renovations.

  • Multiple invoices can be paid off the same BPO.
  • BPOs have a maximum authorized amount and are issued for a limited duration – usually one fiscal year.
  • No single consumable good $500 or over can be purchased using a BPO. (All consumable goods should be purchased using a PO.)
  • Employees authorized to use the BPO must be listed on the BPO.
  • Provide the current BPO# to your vendor each time you place an order or request service.
  • All employees authorized to sign (approve) invoices must be listed in the “comments” field. Signature stamps are NOT permitted.
  • Before sending an invoice to be paid using a BPO, it is most helpful if you use BINQ (see screen shots, below) in Datatel to ensure that there are enough funds on the BPO to process payment. Take into account invoices already sent for payment but not posted. If an invoice is received with a BPO designated that no longer has enough funds to process the payment, the payment will be delayed until there is an increase to the BPO. BPO amounts can be adjusted by the purchasing department.
  • Fiscal year end: Do not close BPOs until you are 100% sure all invoices have been paid including June activity. Contact the sales rep or vendor to ensure nothing was missed.
    • Staff may not place an order past June 30 on an existing BPO. BPOs not fulfilled by June 30 may be reissued for the following fiscal year by creating a new blanket purchase order requisition.
    • BPOs need to remain with the "Outstanding" status to allow time to pay all fiscal year end invoices that may arrive in July.
    • Prior fiscal year activity cannot be paid with current fiscal year BPO.
Datatel Screen BINQ

Datatel Screen BNQ

Datatel Screen BINQ

Datatel Screen BINQ

Purchase Order (PO) is an offer by the college to contract with a vendor for the delivery of supplies or the performance of a service for an agreed upon price under specified terms and conditions. Any good or service that is quantifiable in number and description should be ordered using a purchase order.

If you have questions on requisitions for purchase orders or blanket purchase orders, please contact the purchasing department.

The PO # and voucher # can be found in RINQ. Initiators should check the status of requisitions frequently.

  • If the PO status is "Outstanding" then call the receiving department to have items accepted. Invoices cannot be paid until the status is "Accepted".
  • If the PO status has been "Accepted" for over 30 days then call the vendor and have them mail a reprint of the invoice to accounts payable. Ensure the billing address is Mott Accounts Payable at 1401 E. Court Street and that the PO# is on the invoice.

Cash Advance for Travel / Prepaid DVP / Prepaid PO

Always ensure the documentation contains a service/event date.

The process for creating a prepaid in Datatel has not changed. (It is done by using the term PD in the term box of the requisition.)

Items to be considered prepaid are:
  1. All cash for travel advances.
  2. Items/services paid in advance with documentation such as a quote/estimate.
  3. Items/services paid by June 30 for next fiscal year.
Cash advances for travel are made using the Travel Form found under Account Payable/Forms.
  1. Follow the instructions at the top of the Travel Form.
  2. All cash advances must be cleared within 30 days of travel. Complete and submit the Travel Form with appropriate receipts and signatures. Ensure you write “Clear Prepay PO _____” on the form. (You can look up the PO# using RINQ.)
Prepayments for items/services are made with a standard purchase order.
  1. Use "PD" (code #10) in the requisition field called "Terms". Obtain a standard PO# from Mott Purchasing.
  2. Skip the receiving process at this time. The PO line item status must remain "outstanding" for now.
  3. Deliver the PO and documentation to Mott Accounts Payable.

After the items/services arrive/are completed, notify Mott Receiving to have the status changed to "Accepted". Submit a copy of the vendor's receipt or invoice marked paid/zero balance to Mott Accounts Payable to clear the prepayment. Ensure you write “Clear Prepay PO _____” on the receipt. (You can look up the PO# u sing RINQ.)

Datatel Screen RINQ

Prepaids are encumbered against the cost center's budget when the requisition is entered. Proper accounting controls are maintained by tracking outstanding advances in a prepaid expense account. This is monitored by the accounting office. When the prepaid is cleared, the encumbrance is relieved, the advance account is cleared, and actual expenditures are posted to the cost center.

† Proper accounting standards are followed which say we must charge items to the proper fiscal year. For items that cross fiscal years, we are especially careful to charge the expense in the fiscal year in which the goods and/or service are received.

If you are working with a grant, this may contradict the grant policy on the timing of expenses hitting the grant, in the case, please follow the grant policy on expense timing.

The IRS has set the standard mileage rate for 2021 reimbursable miles to 56 cents per mile.