Main Campus

Featured Locations:

  • Event Center (capacity 250 seated theater style)
  • Mott Memorial Building Auditorium (capacity 240 seats)
  • Gorman Science Center Auditorium (capacity 120 seats)
  • Regional Technology Center Auditorium (capacity 120 seats)
  • Dr. Charles N. Pappas Presidential Conference Center (capacity 75)
  • Prahl College Center Genesee Room (capacity 44 seats)

General Types of Rooms Available:

  • Conference Rooms (capacity 12-20 seats)
  • Large Conference Rooms - limited number available (capacity 40-64 seats)
  • Standard Classrooms (capacity 24 seats)
  • Large Classrooms - limited number available (capacity 24-44 seats)
  • Large Lecture Halls - limited number available (capacity 120 seats)
  • Computer Labs (capacity 25 seats)

Mott External Sites

Various sized classrooms available.

Facilities Maps

Technical Support

Our services include a full line of technical equipment. Available are video projectors, screens, microphones and podiums.