Meeting the Needs of MCC students and staff

The Lenore Croudy Family Life Center (LCFLC) serves as a welcome beacon and a safe haven for the MCC community. We provide students, staff and their families access to a food pantry, a clothing closet, an early childhood center and many other student and family support services available at MCC and in the broader community.

The Family Life Center is open:
Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday, 9 am - 1 pm
3rd Saturday of the month, 10 am - 1 pm
Many services are available on site.

Lenore Croudy Family Life Center

Reducing barriers and challenges

“Establishing a Family Life Center in Mrs. Croudy’s name honors her legacy to the fullest, by helping to reduce barriers and challenges that impede our students’ success.”

Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea MCC President

Lenore Croudy was an educator in the Flint Community Schools for more than 40 years,and served as President of the Congress of Flint School Administrators. She was first elected to the MCC Board in 1987 and was appointed Board Chair in 1995. During her tenure as Chair, she worked with six college presidents, helping lead MCC through periods of financial difficulty to record enrollment levels, and a designation by the Aspen Institute as one of the 10 best community colleges in the nation. Mrs Croudy told anyone who would listen that “MCC was the best college in the city, state, nation and beyond.” Lenore Croudy passed away January 19, 2017.

Lenore Croudy

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Want to Help?

Become a Student Champion

A student leadership position that helps the Family Life Center assist in the providing support and resources for the MCC community.

Volunteer at the Family Life Center

The LCFLC has many volunteer opportunities for the Mott community as well as the local community.

I Need Help With …

The Lenore Croudy Family Center can help you find many resources, some of which are right here on our own campus! To better serve you and your needs please complete our referral form.

Onsite Assistance

Early Childhood Learning Center
Early Childhood Learning Center logo

The Early Childhood Learning Center provides NAEYC accredited, high-quality early childhood education for MCC student-parents, MCC staff and faculty as well as community members.

Ellen's Closet
Ellen's Closet logo

Ellen’s Closet has a variety of clothing, shoes and personal items in a variety of sizes for free to members of the Mott community. We offer business and casual clothing as well a variety of other items.

Mott Eats Food Pantry
Mott Eats Food Pantry logo

As a member of the Mott community (current student, staff or faculty) you can visit Mott Eats. We have a variety of food/personal items.


Student Emergency Fund

The Foundation for MCC logo

The purpose of the Foundation for Mott Community College’s Student Emergency Fund is to award monetary assistance to MCC students who are experiencing an unforeseen crisis to cover expenses which impact a student’s ability to stay in college and complete their education.

Technology Loan
line drawing of a laptop computer

MCC offers currently enrolled students an opportunity to borrow a Chromebook to complete their academic classes. Pending approval of the application, Chromebooks MUST BE RETURNED the last day of final exams. A physical check of the device is required every 2 semesters. Loan includes a device, charger and bag. Failure to return all (3) pieces could result in charge to the student's account. *Subject to availability

Student Book Loan

MCC offers currently enrolled students an opportunity to borrow up to $175 per class to assist with books and supplies. The MCCEA Faculty-Sponsored student book loan program is intended for students who are not pell-eligible and demonstrate financial need. Pending approval of the application, an award will be placed on the student's account to purchase books and/or supplies from the MCC bookstore. Students are responsible for repaying the loan within 90 days. Failure to repay the loan could result in a referral to a collection agency and unable to register for future classes.

Foster Youth Resources

Fostering Student Achievement is a program created to provide support and resources to MCC students aged 16-30 who have been in foster care, guardianship, kinship or relative placement. Contact the LCFLC for more information.

Returning Citizens from Arrest, Jail, or Prison

Empowerment, Value, Opportunity, Longevity, Valor, Enrichment (E.V.O.L.V.E.) is a support system for justice-impacted individuals and their friends and families who have experienced arrest, jail or prison. Contact the LCFLC for more information.

Mental Wellness

Providing Emotional Support

The LCFLC has people here to help.

The mental wellness team is here to provide emotional support to members of the Mott community. Individual and group sessions are scheduled with students, staff and faculty at no cost. Our team is also able and willing to provide mental health support and community resources. When you are ready to talk to them, please contact the Lenore Croudy Family Life Center.

Our Mental Wellness Team / Clinicians

Jacqueline R. Haynes, LMSW
Cynthia Mannino-Zedo, MSW, LMSW

Other Ways We Can Help