Students must meet all prerequisites before they are allowed to enroll in a course.

Many MCC courses have prerequisites, which are courses or some other activity that must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in a particular course.

Prerequisites can be:

  • Successful completion of a course.

    Requires that a student must achieve the stated course grade in the prerequisite course in order to enroll in the course. *

    — Example: ENGL-102 requires that ENGL-101 be completed with a minimum grade of 2.0.
  • A declared program of study.

    Upper-level Health Science courses require that a student’s program of study be current.

  • A certification.

    Criminal Background checks and Michigan Department of Health Sciences clearance are examples of required certifications.

  • Written permission from the faculty teaching the course or an advisor.

    A student must receive written permission from either the faculty teaching the course or an advisor.

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Required prerequisites can be found in the Course Catalog in My Backpack, the College Catalog and on the MCC website.

The only exception to meeting prerequisites is during open registration. Students are often enrolled in the prerequisite course in the semester in which registration opens. MCC has adopted a procedure that allows registration in the subsequent course prior to successful completion of the prerequisite(s).

* NOTE: If you do not successfully complete the prerequisite course, you will be automatically dropped from the subsequent course and an email will be sent notifying you that you have been dropped from the course.