How is it used?

Waitlist is a registration process that allows students to wait for seats to open in a full section of a course. It does not guarantee students seats, but it will allow the student to hold a spot in line should a seat open up. By joining a Waitlist, students will be reserving their place in line. Waitlist will run for the last time every semester the Wednesday before classes begin. Students receiving notification (permission to register) on that Wednesday will have all day Wednesday and all day Thursday to register for the waitlisted course. The waitlist will close the Friday before classes begin, and it then becomes first-come, first-serve when seats become available.

If an opening occurs:

  • An email notification will be sent to the student’s MCC Email account informing the student that they have permission to register for their Waitlisted section.
  • Once notified, the student will be given THE DAY THE EMAIL NOTIFICATION WAS SENT AND THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS DAY to complete the registration process of a Waitlisted section. Email notifications will be sent out one time per business day, generating at approximately 4am that day.
  • Registration can be completed on MyBackpack/MCC4ME for those students who meet the requirements. Please contact the Registration and Enrollment Center at [email protected] if you are having difficulties registering online via My Backpack.
  • If your Waitlist selection becomes available but conflicts with your current class selections, you will need to adjust your schedule at the time of registration for your Waitlist section.
  • If your Waitlist section becomes available and will cause you to exceed the credit limit[1], you will need to adjust your schedule at the time of registration for your Waitlist section.

[1]A Student may not take more than 18 credits in a semester without special permission from the Academic Dean over the student’s program of study.

You must meet all of the following requirements to register online using MyBackpack/MCC4ME:

  • Have a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher. New students (currently enrolled) without an established GPA are eligible to register online.
  • Completed ALL mandatory pre-requisites for the course you want to register for.
  • Do not owe an outstanding debt to the college.

What are the student’s responsibilities?

  • It is the student’s responsibility to monitor how this transaction will impact their financial aid.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their course(s) are paid for or that they have secured a method of payment prior to the payment due date.
    • Payment due dates can be viewed on the Academic/Registration Calendar on the MCC website.
    • After the payment due date, tuition must be paid immediately upon registration.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to monitor their MCC email account for Waitlist notification(s).
  • If the student fails to register during the allotted 2 day time period, the student will be dropped from the Waitlist. The student may be re-added to the Waitlist, but will not be given their previous placement on the Waitlist. They will, instead, be added to the end of the current Waitlist.

Students are able to remove themselves from their selected Waitlist online through MyBackpack/MCC4ME.