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Our new Strategic Plan was developed through a highly inclusive process over a number of months, with input and ideas from students, faculty, and staff, as well as our many supporters out in the community, whether they were business leaders, union members, nonprofits, philanthropists, government officials, MCC alumni and retirees, the K-12 and higher education sectors, and many others.

This plan was adopted by our Board of Trustees in December. The end result is “Mott Strong.”

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Mott Community College began as Flint Junior College in 1923. We are fast approaching our Centennial Anniversary. Over the decades, MCC has grown, developed, and adapted to meet the needs of our ever changing and extraordinarily diverse community. The people of Flint, Genesee County, and mid-Michigan have experienced boom times and recession, growth and decline, prosperity and adversity. Through it all, however, our community has remained resilient, scrappy, and ever hopeful. And so it is with “the community’s college” – MCC.

We are pleased to share with you this document – under the label “Mott Strong” – that outlines in detail where Mott Community College is headed as we approach our one hundredth birthday. Importantly, it includes a full copy of the College’s recently completed and approved Strategic Plan, covering the period 2019-2021.

This document is the result of many, many hours of discussion and information gathering among Mott students, faculty, staff, and our elected Board of Trustees. It is also the result of at least as many hours of conversations with people and organizations external to the College – business owners, union members, elected officials, nonprofit agencies, neighborhood groups, educators, and the rank-and-file citizens and residents of Flint, Genesee County, and mid-Michigan. We are confident the initiatives outlined here will allow MCC to more fully achieve our mission and foster a new birth of student and economic success in our region.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees for Mott Community College, we welcome your interest, enthusiasm, and support as we implement “Mott Strong.”

Sincerely yours,

Michael Freeman
Chair, Board of Trustees (2017-2020)
Mott Community College

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It’s more than a slogan, and more than a marketing strategy. It reflects a sentiment which I encountered when I first arrived at Mott Community College, a feeling that has only been amplified and grown stronger the past several years we have worked together.

Mott Strong is a belief that our College is truly a family, and that we are united by a single common denominator: We exist to make our students successful, bettering their lives through education, and improving the economic and social fabric of the broader Flint, Genesee County, and mid-Michigan region.

Mott Strong is built upon the core beliefs – Commitment, Civility and Compliance – that undergird our daily work at MCC. It reflects our commitment to student and employee success and satisfaction; to the creation and maintenance of a civil educational environment free of bullying, bias and prejudice; and to our belief in complying with the legal, safety, and fiscal obligations that ensure institutional health and excellence.

Mott Strong also reflects the synergies between MCC’s official Institutional Priorities and Strategic Plan for the period 2019-2021. Our priority work in the areas of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; A Committed Employee Culture; A Student-Centered Environment; Stewardship & Sustainability; Compliance; and Workforce Collaborations & Partnerships dovetails with the Twelve Major Goals (and more than 100 Tactical Plans) that make up the new Strategic Plan adopted by our Board of Trustees in December 2018.

Lastly, Mott Strong is all of us — every single individual who works at Mott Community College as well as all those who are not employed here, but still cheer us on every single day. Our lives are intertwined by the work we do and the love we have for our shared institution, work based on a collective mission, that of facilitating student success and community and economic prosperity for Flint, Genesee County, and beyond.

Mott has long served as a stable foundation, an anchor institution, and safe haven for our community and region. With Mott Strong, we will continue to be all of those things and more!

Looking forward!

Beverly Walker-Griffea, Ph.D.
President, Mott Community College