2013-2018 Mission Statement

As part of the strategic planning work for 2013-2018, the Executive Cabinet also recommended a slight revision to the Mission Statement. The following changes were proposed:

  • Eliminate the explanatory phrase set apart by dashes in the current mission statement;
  • Replace the verb "promote" with the stronger verb "cultivate." The revised mission statement is reprinted below:
The mission of Mott Community College is to provide high quality, accessible, and affordable educational opportunities and services that cultivate student success and individual development and improve the overall quality of life in a multicultural community.

The Board approved the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan on December 17, 2012.

2007-2012 Mission Statement

During the 2007-2012 Strategic Planning process, administrators reviewed the College’s mission statement for alignment with the five-year strategic plan. After thoughtful consideration, six mission statements, developed to represent College priorities, were presented to numerous stakeholders internal (Board of Trustees, Faculty, students, staff) and external (a variety of community members) to help choose the one statement that best represented the College. The stakeholders were asked to choose the two they thought were best.

All stakeholders determined the fourth proposed statement as the one that best represented the College. As such, the Board of Trustees approved the following mission statement at its April 23, 2007 meeting:

The mission of Mott Community College is to provide high quality, accessible and affordable educational opportunities and services—including programs focused on university transfer, technical and lifelong learning, as well as workforce and economic development—that promote student success, individual development, and improve the overall quality of life in a multicultural community.

2001-2006 Mission Statement

The mission of Charles Stewart Mott Community College is to provide quality higher education for the people in Genesee and surrounding counties. Mott Community College reflects the cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity of the community, anticipating and responding to its varied needs and aspirations by providing learning opportunities for all who want to identify and develop their abilities and interests. Mott Community College will provide a sound general and liberal arts education and train a well-prepared work force that can successfully compete in the global community. The college is a catalyst for sharing technologies and facilitating technology transfer by effectively using resources and by building and sustaining community alliances. College faculty and staff are committed to equal access and opportunity for all students. The college’s strength lies in promoting excellence in teaching and eliminating barriers to learning.

To carry out its mission, Mott Community College will:

  • Attract potential learners by reaching out to community groups and leaders so the college can work with them to determine the community’s educational needs and respond in a timely manner.
  • Assess students’ needs upon admission and then throughout their stay at MCC so that the college can provide academic advising, counseling and other essential services to ensure student success. The college will continue to change as students’ needs change.
  • Create a smooth transition for students from high school to the community college and then to other educational institutions or the workplace. The college’s programs will lead to advanced educational opportunities that encourage students to broaden their vision of their life long goals and potential.
  • Develop and implement innovative, culturally integrated approaches that build and strengthen multicultural diversity by welcoming and encouraging individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or disability.
  • Support and encourage formal and informal lifelong learning to satisfy the needs and goals of the population we serve.
  • Maintain its campuses, state-of-the-art equipment, and other physical resources that support quality higher education. The college will provide the appropriate services, programs, and facilities to help students reach their maximum potential.
  • Commit the necessary time and finances to provide educational, professional, and/or promotional opportunities for all college personnel in order to enhance their abilities and recognize their worth.
  • Collaborate with business, labor and government to create and maintain a highly trained workforce to attract and sustain businesses that contribute to the community’s economic well-being and quality of life.
  • Marshal community-wide human and financial resources through an appropriate balance of taxes, tuition, donations and government support – all of which will be managed with prudence and integrity.

Through academic, work-based and cultural programs, Mott Community College will build the community it serves by helping individuals achieve their academic and occupational goals.