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Mott Care Team

You are NOT Alone. I fyou or someone you know is struggling, feeling overwhelmed, or contemplating suicide, we can help. Mott Care Team

The Mott Care Team is a group of Student Success Specialists and Public Safety Officers trained in proactive support and personal crisis intervention.

Care Team Mission

Mott Care Team

The Care Team is committed to improving the safety and the well-being of the College community through:

Proactive Outreach:

The Care Team will identify and proactively support students based on noticeable trends in behaviors, or upcoming changes to College policy that could negatively impact student success.

Coordinated Intervention:

The Care Team will work together to evaluate and respond to concerning student behaviors in a structured and positive environment.


The Care team will educate the college community on how to spot concerning behaviors that might indicate that a student is struggling and in need of help.

To request training from faculty/staff submit this form and you will be contacted or call (810) 762-0439.

Concerning Behaviors

These behaviors can indicate an underlying struggle or mental health concern that could negatively impact a student's life or academic success. These behaviors could be presented through several means, for example: verbal, written, social media posting etc…

  • Self-harm

  • Suicidal ideation or attempts

  • Extreme or erratic changes in behavior

  • Paranoia or delusional thoughts or actions

  • Traumatic life event

  • Substance abuse

  • Other

Reporting a Concern

If you, or someone you know, is struggling and could benefit from help from the Mott Care Team, fill out this form or call (810) 762-0439.

Report A Concern
May 24, 2017
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