To Protect and Serve

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for security and emergency response at Mott Community College. Staffing by sworn police officers with full powers of arrest is provided 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Accreditation Badge
Department of Public Safety Motorcycle Patrol
Department of Public Safety Officers

Officers patrol the main campus, the three extension centers and the area encompassing a one mile radius around the main campus, including the Flint Cultural Center and Kearsley Park .

Department of Public Safety Student Officers

The Department of Public Safety also employs non-certified and student Public Safety Officers. These officers have the same duties and responsibilities; however, they do not have the power of arrest.

Student Public Safety Officer positions are filled in cooperation with the Student Employment Center with enrolled students from programs such as Criminal Justice and Corrections.

Survive an Active Shooter Event

Educational videos and documents can be found here to help inform and prepare you should you find yourself in an Active Shooter situation.

Review Active Shooter Materials

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