Help and Guidance for a Student's Personal Challenges

While attending college students often encounter personal situations that impact their ability to be a successful student. These situations can include depression, anxiety, financial stress, relationship issues, or the loss of a loved one. Like many physical illnesses, early recognition and designing a plan of care offers the best opportunity for overcoming mental health concerns and challenges. Our Licensed Professional Counselors are equipped, trained and available to help students understand and cope with these situations, discuss healthy and effective mental health strategies, and draft a short-term educationally focused plan of care including strategies, resources and applicable referrals to long-term care. Our Mental Health Counseling sessions are confidential and compliant with personal counseling standards, ethics and record keeping.

Although students may request a Mental Health Counseling session themselves, oftentimes many students are reluctant to seek help or simply don’t know where to turn for support. That’s where serving as a Mental Health Ally becomes critical to ensure our students gain access and receive the support they may need. Our Mott Care Team, which is comprised of Licensed Professional Counselors, Dean of Counseling and Student Development, and members from our Office of Public Safety, has designed a platform for our college community to anonymously report a concern. We encourage and appreciate our college community members (students, faculty, staff and stakeholders) to anonymously report a concern allowing one of our Licensed Professional Counselors to conduct outreach to offer our service, support and guidance.