Steps for Setting Up Needs Assistance

APPLY for Disability Services


Submit application to Disability Services (this application is separate from the admissions application and should be turned in to the Disability Services).


Gather required documentation (medical records, mental health records) to demonstrate that you have a disability and submit it to the Disability Services office. Students can sign a release to allow staff to obtain their records if they do not have a copy. Students seeking accommodations from Mott Community College have the responsibility of providing current documentation of disability and paying the costs associated with diagnosis, evaluation, or testing.
Please note: An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is generally not sufficient documentation.


Student meets with a Disability Services Specialist to review their application and documentation and talk about their needs.

Needs Assessment:

Once documentation is received for a student, and the student has met with a Disability Services Specialist, the Disability Services Specialist will review all information and complete a needs assessment. The Disability Services Specialist develops a plan for accommodations and services that aligns with the student's documentation, requests and relevant laws. The plan for accommodations and services is then submitted to the Director of the Student Success Center & Disability Services for approval.

Instructor Notification Letters:

Once student is registered and ready to start attending classes, they meet with the Disability Services Specialist to review accommodations and pick up their Instructor Notification Letter. Student gives their Instructor Notification Letters to all instructors in courses where they want to use their accommodations. Instructors are not required to provide accommodations to students unless they have received an official Instructor Notification Letter.


Each semester the student must pick up their Instructor Notification Letters and provide them to their instructors. Students contact their Disability Services Specialist if they have any questions or problems. The Disability Services Specialist is available to work with students and faculty if there are any difficulties implementing the accommodation plan.

More information on the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities can be found on the

U.S. Department of Education's website

U.S. Department of Education logo