Academic accommodations and services are individualized and developed on a case-by-case basis.

Specific accommodations are determined through an intake with a Disability Services Specialist and a student's documentation. Academic accommodations will be reasonable and appropriate based on a student's disability and do not include services or equipment of a personal nature.

An intake is a conversation to discuss what worked or did not work in the past as well as developing new resources and strategies for the college environment. During an intake, a conversation takes place to discuss the student's strengths, academic concerns, past experiences, and impacts of disability. Documentation provides an understanding of an individual's disability and information to anticipate the current impact of the disability and how it interacts with the college environment. The Disability Services Specialist takes into consideration the information shared during intake along with documentation when developing a plan for services and accommodations. Final approval of the plan for services and accommodations is made by the Director of Disability Services.

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