Section 504 (1973) & ADAAA (2008)

Grievance Procedure for Claims of Discrimination and/or Harassment Based upon a Student’s Disability

There are times when a student may have a complaint or concern regarding the treatment towards them by a College employee, student, or contractually affiliated third party because of their disability. These procedures have been developed to protect the rights, health and safety of students, staff and faculty as well as to maintain an equitable learning environment for all Mott Community College students. If a student with a disability feels they have been discriminated, or harassed, based upon their disability, students are encouraged to first consider the following:

  1. The Americans with Disabilities Act, As Amended (2008) requires that accommodations are developed in a dialogue between the student with a disability and the institution. At Mott Community College this is done with a Disability Services Specialist. Students may also need to meet with their instructors to implement accommodations.
  2. The College is required to provide reasonable, appropriate, and effective accommodations for disabilities that have been adequately documented and for which procedures for requesting those accommodations have been followed. Consistent with Title II requirements of the ADA, the College will give primary consideration to requests for auxiliary aids and services if the requestor is an individual with a disability. However, the College reserves its right pursuant to Title II to provide alternative auxiliary aids or services that are as effective as that provided to students without disabilities. If you have any questions or would like to request an accommodation, contact Disability Services at (810) 232-9181 (voice) or email [email protected].
  3. Some accommodations may be complex and take time to setup. Students should be cognizant that his/her failure to make a timely request may impact the College’s ability provide an accommodation in the timeframe requested. To ensure timely receipt of accommodation, please make requests for alternative format texts at least three (3) weeks before a semester begins or earlier. Other accommodation requests should be made at the start of the semester and/or one week prior to the accommodation date (test, project, event, etc.) to ensure needed materials are timely received.

Students have the right to file a formal complaint with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at any time; however, students are encouraged to first follow the grievance procedure listed above so that the College has an opportunity to resolve any concerns prior to submitting a complaint with OCR. Students interested in pursuing a complaint through the OCR can go to:

For the full grievance procedure, please see the link at the right. Contact Disability Services at (810) 232-9181 or [email protected] if you need the Grievance Procedure in an alternate format.