What you need to know

Instructor Facilitation

An MCC instructor facilitates every e-Learning course. They are available by phone, mail or in person. Check the course syllabus for contact information. Do NOT be afraid to ask for assistance. Given the nature of e-learning, faculty will respond to student requests, queries, etc. within twenty-four (24) hours.

Learning Management System - LMS

All e-Learning courses are available in Canvas. Your username and password is the same for all MCC student systems.

The course Start-Up Session should be first as you log into your course. Your instructor will introduce themselves and your class while explaining what will be expected of you to be successful. Access to e-learning courses will be available on the first day of the semester.

Computer Requirements

Computer Hardware/Software Requirements These are the minimum computer requirements for an online student.

  • Windows 10
  • Internet connection
  • Software to complete the course (MS word, Excel, etc.) MCC does not supply the software for the Microsoft Office Suite. Microsoft Office 365 (cloud based) is available for students to download at Microsoft 365*

*Microsoft is offering Office 365 for free to students that belong to an institution that has an agreement to use Office product. The students just have  to select Am I eligible and enter their Mott e-mail address and they'll receive a message with instructions on how to download and install Office (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access). You will need to create a Microsoft Login and use that login to download the software.

If your computer does not meet the above listed recommended specifications, you may use one of the open computer labs or the Mott Library. You will be required to use your student login to access these machines.

System Availability

Please be aware that all of the Student systems (email, blackboard, etc.) are only available to students during the actual semester dates. This means that during the semester breaks any or all of the systems may be unavailable or taken down for maintenance. Routine maintenance is conducted each Thursday from 10 pm to 6 am Friday morning.